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Cero Spam is a free and simple solution to eliminate e-mail spam generated by the use of forms in your web site.

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Who can use Cero Spam solution?

Any person who has a web site with at least one form to protect against the spam, no matter if the site is powered by Movable Type, TypePad, WordPress, Blogger, or any other kind of software.

How difficult is to implement the Cero Spam solution in your web site? Just read below.

How Cero Spam works?

Cero Spam uses the Captcha method. This method displays an image in your form and ask the user to fill in a field with the showed code. The image looks like this.

When your form is submitted its content is sent to Cero Spam where the code is validated. This filters out all spambot generated content.

To implement Cero Spam solution you just need to:

1) create a new form item (log in or sign up) in the admin area of Cero Spam;

2) change the "action" property of your form to a URL we provide;

3) add a new text field to your form (where the user will fill in the code appearing in the security image) and a small portion of code above it.

Then, when a person fills out the form in your web site (including the security code) and submits it, its content is redirect to Cero Spam filters for validation. If the validation process is successful, Cero Spam will send the form's content to the script you choose and return that user to your web site.

In addition to that, you can choose to let Cero Spam process the content of the form and send it directly to your e-mail!

Cero Spam at work

You can see a demo of Cero Spam at work here.

More info

We can be reached through our contact page or by e-mail to: .

CeroSpam Beta 1.2

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